We bought this land to
try something else..

Prototyping a more sustainable way of living

Our goal is to try to find another way to live, one that is more in harmony with our environment. There is a lot to figure out: what building material we use for houses, how do we store energy, what do we eat.

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Organized as a community

We believe the future of mankind is living and working in communities. Sharing resources and working together. We are building a community on our land to test it in real life and collaborate with our online community.

See what we setup in Season #1

Research not just for ourselves, but the whole planet

Our goal is to develop a blueprint that people around the world can replicate. All the information, learning and things we develop are shared open source online. So everyone in the world can use it.

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the entire process
is documented in videos

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Not sure how it will go.

But let's see:)

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