Season #2


1.We invited +30 people to come

In Season One, we set up basic infrastructure to ensure we could be on the land. In Season Two, we invited people to come and help out. Woodworkers, vegan chefs, video makers etc. We had over 30 people coming. The infrastructure worked and is still alive, we baked weekly bread and pizza and are not a cult yet.

Ruin Cleaned up

2. Upgrades to our infrastructure

Throughout the year we made a few upgrades to Basekamp. We built yogadecks for people to relax, upgraded our shower, built a better table to make pizza, installed drinking water and renovated the top part of our sketchy ruin. Which was used in winter as our first warm place.

3. Found and cleaned up a waterfall

Exploring the land and area we discovered an old well and a waterfall on the neighbour land. We cleaned both of them up so they could refill with rain in the winter. Both are stocked with water and will be very useful in the future.

red tractor neighbour
Basekamp shipping containers kitchen

4. Got to know the Area

This year we started exploring the area around us by visiting granite lorries for big table tops, cork factories for house insulation and bike tracks to cycle. We also got in touch with experts that taught us about the local environment. Like a Mimosa tree fanatic, a Professor specialised in wildfires and the Fire Department. Unfortunately, the summer was very hot this year, and we also got confronted that the area around us is very prone to fire. It burned down a few years ago and will likely happen again if we don’t intervene.

Basekamp shipping containers kitchen

Everything we did this year

Found and cleared a Waterfall

Built Yoga Decks

Renovated top Ruin

Setup Social Systems to run the team

Installed drinking water

Upgraded the shower

Discovered and cleaned an old well

Reached 400K subscribers on Youtube

Setup Project Kamp Association

Made a Pizza/Bread table

Started our online research topics

Some Statistics

Financially, this year we have spent a total of 51442 € in the areas below areas.As you can see the most part of our money goes into general running costs, which last year were food, car costs, stuff costs, video making or general infrastructure. Here some statistic about this year. Below a few other fun stats, we're trying to get more each year so we can keep track of the progress. :)

We consumed 962,61GB Data (lots of video upload)

We used 170m3 water from the well next to us

99% of our Electricity is solar. 1 % is generator for 3 phase.

In total we used 3152KW electricity

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