Project Kamp

If you also think Project Kamp is a useful research for the planet, please consider supporting our work. We still have a long way to go!
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Single Donation

There is still a lot to build and figure out for Project Kamp. The most crucial help we need now is setting up our infrastructure. Your money would go directly into setting up the kamp

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Monthly $upport

Project Kamp is part of One Army. One Army is supported by 550+ people every month! We use a platform called Patreon. This really helps us a lot as we can plan our finances in the long term. Your money will fund research, development, bills, rent, core team salaries, food, hosting etc.

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donate your workforce

There is a lot of work to be done in Project Kamp. You can come and join us hands-on! We work with specific tasks to make sure we are not wasting each others time and you can mentally prepare upfront. Read the descriptions carefully and fill in a form if you would like to come!

Sponsor big development

We have a few big and crucial developments in the pipeline. Things that will require additional funding besides our beloved Patreon. This where we could really use the support of you, your company or organisation. Below a list of the current most important updates. Get in touch
*We also like Crypto ;)