Frequently asked questions

Can I drop by?

Unfortunately we're not open for visitors yet, as we still have a lot of work to do first. Maybe next season! However if you want to come and help longer term, you can always have a look on the support page to see if there are open roles

Can I join?

We don't have a list or anything to join and live in Project Kamp. We see this happening as an organic process. You come to help our first, see the land, see if you like the place. And if all good from both sides you gradually get involved more.

Whats the best way to follow the progress?

By far the best is subscribing to our Youtube channel were we post weekly updates, alternatively you can follow on instagram.

Why Portugal?

We were looking for a piece of land, and most of us are from Europe. Portugal seemed nice. Second place was Slovenia. Have a look at this video for information on how we bought the land

What's the plan?

We don't have a concrete 10 year plan. We have a mission that we follow and set goals each year (Season). After that we reflect and set new goals.

How many people are there?

Currently we are with 5 people steady. However people join throughout the year depending on the task that needs to be done. So the number fluctuates

Can I donate?

Certainly! Donate money, crypto or a tractor :) See here how you can support us

Can I Sponsor?

Yep, You can actually sponsor direct BIG development. Get your name on a building. Have a look on the support page or send an email

Can I get in touch?

Absolutely! Check the best way to reach out, if you want to:
- join our onsite or online team
- support Project Kamp financially
- discuss sponsorship / collaboration opportunities
- stay up to date with past and present projects
- know more about the umbrella organisation One Army
- get more information to recreate some of the projects
- share knowledge about some of the problems we're running into
- learn how to set up your own community project / buy land
- connect and chat with the Project Kamp community
- brainstorm or share inspiration about the project

Are you a cult?

Not that we are aware of. (says every cult)

What if I have more questions?

Go to our Discord. Many like-minded people in there!