Project Kamp

If you also think Project Kamp is a useful research for the planet, please consider supporting our work. We still have a long way to go!
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Single Donation

There is still a lot to build and figure out for Project Kamp. The most crucial help we need now is setting up our infrastructure. Your money would go directly into setting up the kamp

Monthly Support

Project Kamp is part of One Army, 500+ people and support our work on a monthly bases! We use a platform called Patreon. This really helps us a lot as we can plan our finances in the long term. Your money will fund research, development, bills, rent, core team salaries, food, hosting etc.

Spread the Knowledge

We provide all the information to start a plastic recycling business open-source online. For free. But if people don’t know this information exists they can’t start. So spread it around to make sure it reaches every corner of the world.

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